Home security tips

Did you know that homes without any security measures are 5 times more likely to be burgled than homes with simple security measures? Simple security measures are defined as anything above standard door locks on all external doors. By spending a small amount, you can bolster home security and make sure your home, valuables, and things like paperwork and passports are all safe.


Teach your children about home security

Sometimes children, and even young adults who may not have had their own place before, don’t realise that home burglary is just as likely in the day as it is at night. Would-be thieves take advantage of the fact that most adults and their children will be out of the house between 10am and 2pm on Monday – Friday for example. Teach them some simple tips to prevent any unwanted intruders.

  • Stress the importance of locking doors, even if they’re just going to the corner shop and back
  • Let them know that just because a window is upstairs, it doesn’t mean it should be left open when they go out
  • If teens are letting themselves in and out of the home, then make sure they lock the door when they leave and behind them when they come in


Upgrade window security

Windows are often overlooked as a very easy entry point. You don’t just need to leave a window open for it to be a target. A double sash window is extremely easy to open with the right tools.

  • Install locks on all ground floor windows and windows on other levels that can be accessed by a garage roof etc.
  • Rotting or old window frames? These will be easier to gain access too so replace these


Other home security tips

There are things that homeowners do almost daily that they don’t realise is putting them at risk.

  •  Invest in a lockable outdoor key safe instead of hiding a spare key underneath a plant pot
  •  Install a mailbox on the outside of your house if mail is frequently stuck in your letterbox (this will prevent identity theft)
  •  Use a safe to store away not just valuables but paperwork like passports too
  •  Add a second lock to your front door just to be on the safe side
  •  Ensure all locks are installed by a reputable tradesperson

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