Door Knockers

Door knockers need to match the external aesthetic of the property that they’re attached too so the door knockers available from Door Superstore include traditional Victorian and urn style knockers in both modern and classic finishes. An urn style front door knocker that’s finished in chrome for example can be the perfect modern update to a older style home with a modern, glazed extension. Combine styles or pick one exclusively with all we have to offer. 

Finishes like chrome, brass and stainless steel ensure there’s a look for every home, whether it’s clad in timber, metal or it’s exclusively brick. Contemporary-finish urn knockers will look in place everywhere whilst contemporary ultra-slim stainless-steel knockers will suit modern properties. For ease of fitting most door knockers from Door Superstore come complete with their assorted screws and washers. 

Complement the overall aesthetic of the exterior of your home with a new door knocker – and why not upgrade your door bell and door numbers too so everything suits? 

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