Hang your internal door or finish your external door with style by browsing a range of accessories. Designed to offer something for everything, door canopies, door numbers, and a selection of knockers will add a new dimension to your home. 

Door Canopies

Door canopies are a simple and inexpensive addition to the outside of your home which will elevate the overall finish and make your home stand apart from the rest. Adding a simple door canopy will give a distinctive look especially with supports that are either aluminium or stainless steel. The canopy cover itself will be manufactured from polycarbonate for extremely easy cleaning and minimal maintenance. Cheaper than a brick and mortar porch extension, our range of door canopies will protect guests and yourself from wind and rain whilst waiting outside or unlocking the door. 


Doorbells need to match the external aesthetic of the property that they’re attached too, so our range of doorbells features a variety of finishes and looks. From contemporary or traditional properties to timber clad or metal clad buildings, each doorbell brings a different look and helps to create a unique impression. For easy fitting, most doorbells come complete with the screws needed to install them too. 

Door Numbers and Door Knockers 

Door numbers come in an assortment of stainless steel, black iron, chrome, brass and other finishes to match the exterior of your home. Door numbers will refresh the look of your home with minimum spend and they’ll add kerb appeal too, great for if you’re looking to sell! They can also offer a much simpler purpose too – they’ll allow the mailman to find your home! In a range of sizes, door numbers are offered alongside letters too to denote specific house or flat letters, for example, Flat 8B. 

If you’re refreshing your door number why not upgrade or refresh your door knocker too? Also available in black iron, stainless steel, chrome and brass finishes, our door knockers and door ringers range offers plenty of choice on how your front door will look.  

Door Stops

Doorstops are a simple, inexpensive product that doesn’t intrude on the design or the look of your home but protect it and prevent damage. Internal walls can often open too quickly or with too much force and they can go slamming into kitchen cabinets, the walls, or items of furniture. It’s so easy to protect your home by just installing an appropriate door stop and letting that do the work for you. More and more homeowners are finding that a doorstop can stop paint damage as well. 

Choose between a range of wall-mounted and floor-mounted door stops dependent on your needs. We offer heavy-duty door stops for heavier doors or for commercial use. Domestically, why not opt for animal-themed or ocean themed door stops?

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