Butt Hinges

The most common form of hinge, butt hinges, also known as mortise hinges, are used to attach doors to frames in homes, commercial buildings and properties. 

A butt hinge is two matching leaves of metal sheet that are connected by a pin and barrel system in the centre. One leave is attached to the door, and the other is attached to the vertical part of the door frame. Generally, hinges are used in pairs, but on heavier doors 3 hinges are recommended. 

At Door Superstore we have a wide range of butt hinges to use on your doors. Antique black butt hinges are a great choice for period properties, older homes and traditional styling. Alternatively, choose from zinc, brass or chrome plated hinges for your door. If your door is heavier than most or is used very frequently, then you may choose to opt for a ball bearing hinge, which replaces the central pin and allows doors to swing more smoothly. 

If your flooring is thick, deep piled carpet or thick tiles for example, rising butt hinges can be used to lift the door to clearance so it can open over the thicker floor without needing to trim the door or have a gap when the door is shut.  

We also have a range of fire rated butt hinges, which should be used when installing a fire door to withstand the weight of the fire door and prevent any warping occurring. When installing a fire door with fire rated butt hinges, we recommend using intumescent pads, which swell when heated to prevent fire or smoke passing through any gaps. 

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