Cabinet Hinges

Cabinet hinges give cabinet doors their movement so they’re a pivotal component of any storage cupboard and kitchen cabinet around the home. It’s important to make sure that the right hinges are attached to the right cabinet so that the expected opening and closing mechanisms are in place. For kitchen cabinet hinges, for example, you could opt for soft close cabinets to reduce the noise of cabinets closing. These types of hinges will allow a cabinet to open to 90 degrees, restricting its range of motion to a sensible, safe and accessible distance. 

Finishes such as brass, stainless steel, silver, zinc, plastic and chrome all make up Door Superstore’s range of cabinet hinges finishes so there’s plenty of choice for every style. Rustic farmhouse kitchen cabinets, for example, will be wonderfully complemented with brass kitchen cabinet hinges and cup handles too. Modern, sleek kitchens will look fantastic finished with chrome or zinc cabinet hinges. 

Here at Door Superstore, there are all types of cabinet door hinges to choose from including flush inset cabinet hinges, mounting plate cabinet hinges, piston sprung cabinet hinges and gas strut hinges too. 

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