Lever on Square Rose Door Handles

Sometimes small changes can completely transform the style and look of your home and changing your door handles can do just that. Whether you’re fitting brand new doors, or just looking for a way to uplift your home, getting new lever handles are a perfect and cost-effective solution. 

Lever on square rose door handles are popular in contemporary styles and modern homes, and the lever is generally mounted on a round shaped rose. However, new styles are constantly emerging, and right now the square rose door handles are increasing in popularity.  They are great for making a statement in your home and come in a variety of designs. 

Choose from simple chrome levers, curved levers, dual finished levers and statement square handles, and pick from finishes such as polished chrome, satin nickel, or dual finish.

Rose handle levers are not generally used on locking doors unless paired with a lock and escutcheon, but we currently stock levers on square rose that have a push button for privacy, making them perfect for bathrooms. 

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