Window Latches

If you’re installing a window in your latest project, amongst the window hardware required you’ll need window latches. Window latches ensure that the window closes thoroughly and stays tight to the frame when closed.

We stock a variety of window latches and catches, and the type of window you’re installing depends on the latch you can buy. For sash windows, we stock a range of window catches to hold the sash window securely in place when open, and they are a simple and effective catch for traditional windows.

Alternatively, if you are looking at casement windows the window latches required will be different. These casement fasteners will support windows and keep them stable when open, and ensure they stay fully closed when the window is closed. Although window latches and fasteners don’t traditionally lock windows, you can now get locking latches for extra security.

Regardless of the type of window you’re installing, here at Door Superstore we’ve got a range of colours, designs and sizes of the appropriate window latches to fit the windows and suit your home.

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