Window Locks

Fit window locks throughout your household or building for high level of security that will give you peace of mind. Window locks give all round security throughout your home and will easily prevent young children from opening windows, keeping them safe. These locks come in so many types and styles since there are so many types and styles of window! Naturally these need to match so window locks from Door Superstore are available in finishes such as chrome, stainless steel and brass, as well as the classic PVC or plastic. Colour options for those include black, white and silver. 

What types of window lock are there? 

Window security locks to the highest level often involve a lock and a key. You can get window locking handles and window locking catches with keys for increased security, perfect for rooms used less frequently or for windows which could be accessed via a flat roof or garage for example. These types of window locks are also preferable for holiday homes and properties visited infrequently as they’re more secure long-term. The only drawback is however that if you lose the keys you would need to contact a locksmith, incurring cost. 

Sash window locks typically utilize a latch or lever to hook the window into place, making it impossible to open from the outside. These locks aren’t particularly child-proof since they’re easy to release but they’re fantastic for ease-of-use and for their style and looks. 

Child window locks, for children’s rooms or play areas, are better off being locks that need keys since children learn so quickly! These can be paramount for safety on higher floors. Alternatively, for older children you could opt for a latch or catch lock that features a window restrictor too to stop the window opening fully, preventing falls.  


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