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Get a traditional look with stable doors. The top and bottom half move separately when you opt for a stable door so the bottom half can stay shut while the top half is open. This is for all manner of reasons and most commonly is useful for families with small children or pets. The home can be ventilated and sun can enter the room while making sure pets and children are safe and indoors if they're not being watched. 

By opening the top of a stable door you allow light and fresh air to flow in, maximising the appearance of space and the outdoors in any room. Stable doors are most popular in kitchens and conversatories leading to the outdoors but they'd work equally well from room-to-room too, especially for those with pets. 

Stable doors are a traditional looking door which look most at home in period properties or rural, countryside homes like cottages and farmhouses. In recent years though we increasingly see stable doors being used as a feature piece or in conjunction with contemporary design to provide a stylish twist! Some external stable doors come unglazed and unfinished so those looking to add their own touch of style, or incorporate them into a modern property, can add their own glazing and finishing touches. Try stained glazing in modern properties for unique style and charm. 

For those ready to install external stable doors upon delivery, finished stable doors are painted, varnished, glazed and ready to go so they're fantastic if the style you see matches what you want. For those who are concious of the environment, and their heating bills, opt for a triple glazed stable door to conserve energy. 

Here from Door Superstore, there are so many stable door styles to choose from. External hardwood, external oak or unfinished timber stable door are just a few of the materials you can pick from for the perfect match. Then don't forget to select the type of door you're after too, whether that's a panelled stable door, moulded stable door or even Part L compliant stable door.

Regardless of what you're looking for, give our customer service team a call on 01752 422 501 if there's anything we can help with. We can even help you to track down the perfect door if you can't find it listed with us. 

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