Fire Door Latches

With an increased focus on safety in the home, building regulations have been updated and fire doors are more commonly required in homes. When installing a fire door, it's important that you have all the correct fire rated hardware too, such as fire rated latches. 

Fire door latches are essential in helping prevent the spread of fire in an emergency. Although fire doors are effective in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, they must be completely closed within a fire rated frame for this to occur. Often, doors do not completely close when shut, and in these circumstances its important to fit a fire rated latch, ensuring the door fully seals and no smoke or fire can pass through. 

Here at Door Superstore, we stock a range of fire rated latches to ensure your door is completely safe in regard to fireproofing. Choose from a range of fire door latches, all of which have been tested to ensure they are suitable for both FD30 and FD60 fire doors, preventing the spread of fire for at least 30 or 60 minutes.

When installing your fire rated latch it’s important to remember that the latch must fit tightly to the door, and the nib of the latch should extend at least 12mm into the latch plate to prevent the door from reopening. For added safety, use the intumescent paste to fill any voids in, which will prevent smoke and fire from passing through. 

Don’t forget, we also stock internal fire doorsfire rated door handles, hinges, locks and door closers alongside our fire rated doors to ensure your fire door is fully functional. 


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