Internal Folding Doors

Internal folding doors, known as concertina doors too, are a great way to save space in homes where maximising space is essential, with the folding mechanism reducing the amount of space required in front of doors. They can also be used to introduce a level of privacy between rooms or as a partition to divide a larger room into two separate spaces. Versatile and easy to use, we offer a selection of different folding doors that can be used in your home, to switch between open living space and more secluded privacy between rooms.

What are the different types of internal folding door?

Concertina doors consist of several panels that are each attached by hinges, which enables the panels to fold into each other to open and close the door. This style generally uses runners above the door frame and is simple to install. Choose a traditional oak or pine finish for your home if you’re looking for a solid dividing door or choose between our various glazed folding doors to let light into the room. Frosted glazing enables some light to enter the room without compromising on privacy, or pick a clear glazed interior folding door to maximise brightness and reduce privacy.

Whichever style of internal folding door you’re looking for, we are confident that at Door Superstore you’ll find the perfect door for your project.

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Showing 1-24 of 67