Wood Stain

To ensure your new doors from Door Superstore are protected from the elements and long-lasting, choose the best wood stain for your internal door or external door from our selection of wood stains. We also stock a complete stain and sealer kit for oak doors, perfect for guaranteeing your oak door is protected and long lasting.

What is wood stain?

Wood stain is different from wood paint or varnish, because it is absorbed by the wood instead of coating it. This means that instead of changing the wood colour completely, it brings out the features of the wood, giving it a traditional finish whilst protecting it from the elements.

How to apply wood stain

Remove any dust, paint or dirt by gently sanding the wood down before staining. Remove all handles, hinges and doorknobs before staining. Wipe down the newly sanded surface with a damp cloth and stir the stain thoroughly before use and during application. Test the stain on a small part of the door before use, to ensure it provides the finish you want. Apply a complete coat of the stain and if you want a darker finish, add a second coat but not until the first coat has fully dried.

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