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Pocket doors, also known as sliding doors, are a type of internal door that is built into the stud wall frame to essentially ‘hide’ the opened door and slide it out of view. When the door is closed it’s slid out of the stud wall, and then simply slides back in to open the door. This space-saving idea means that a door can be included in the design of a building where there’s not enough floor space for a traditional door, or in instances where a staircase to a loft room for example would mean the space at the bottom of the stairs suffers. 

Utility rooms benefit from pocket doors too, so do areas like walk-in wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms. Pocket sliding doors really open the possibilities of a lot of space around the home which might otherwise be redundant. Pocket sliding doors come in single and double pocket door designs with a range of contemporary and traditional colours and finishes, including white painted and timber effect. 

Pocket doors are most commonly used in cases of adjoining rooms, such as dining rooms and living rooms. The two can be opened up to use in conjunction, particularly when hosting guests for parties or Christmas for example, or they can be closed to keep the areas separate for day to day use. Since most internal doors are 35mm thick, a standard 100mm cavity wall will easily accommodate a sliding pocket door so there’s not much work to be done to install this type of door. It just needs to be made certain that there’s enough length on one side, or both sides, of the wall to accommodate the full width of the single or double pocket door.  

Double pocket doors add a touch of flair and a very modern style to homes. They're most popular with areas like walk-in wardrobes or home offices where the doors may be left open for people to use the space, but closed to make the adjoining room neater and clutter-free. 

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