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Door frame and joinery products are vital when it comes to helping internal and external doors last longer. Finalise your door with key door frames and joinery, including architrave, skirting boards and much more.

Frames, linings and casings

Door frames and door linings are both different types of features on a door. Typically you will find linings are thinner, manufactured by timber and used on internal doors because they are usually lightweight and thin to match. Alternatively, a door frame is a thicker external frame that is primed and manufactured to withstand the elements for durability. 

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Skirting boards

A skirting board hides the join between walls and floors. Although traditionally used because it was difficult to perfect wet plastering of the wall at the bottom, its popularity for decorative use has continued to grow. There are now plenty of unique designs to choose from, including Victorian skirting boards, chamfered skirting boards and much more. 

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An architrave is used as a decorative door lining. Not only do these fit on the outside of the door itself to improve appearance, but they can even be used to hide paintwork sitting on the edge of the door frame. There are plenty of styles to choose from, with some options to have varnished or unvarnished design depending on your requirements. 

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Sidelight frames

Sidelight frames are exclusively external door frames that have wooden panels extended on each side. These are done as a design choice to accomodate sidelights for decorative purpose or even let more natural light into a darkened space. Better yet, these types of frames are weatherproof and the jambs are moveable. This allows the frame to accomodate any kind of sidelight, door configuration or size. 

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