Stormguard manufacture and distribute over 3 million rain and draught excluder products annually. These are used throughout the UK, Ireland, across North America and amongst other countries.

The suppliers at Stormguard have built their reputation upon good quality, functional, cost effective products. The aim is also to make the products as simple and easy to fit as possible. Tradesmen have also told Stormguard repeatedly that they enjoy fitting the products because they can “fit them and forget about them, job done!”

To protect your home from water ingress, choose one of Stormguard’s rain deflectors, threshold seals or weather strips. Reduce draughts using Stormguard’s draught excluders and door brushes for both external doors and garages.

Additionally, Stormguard is a leading manufacturer in sliding door gear for wardrobes, cabinets and doors. The SLIK sliding door gear kits come in a range of designs. This depends on the type of doors you are hanging, different styles and different actions, such as bi-folding doors or classic sliding doors. As a bonus, they are easy to use, simple to fit and built to last.

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Showing 1-27 of 27