Grey Fire Doors

Grey internal fire doors are doors that are designed and constructed to withstand fire and prevent its spread within a building. They are made of special materials such as fire-resistant glass, steel, or timber that can withstand high temperatures for a specified period of time.

It is essential to fit and maintain grey internal fire doors correctly because they play a vital role in protecting the building occupants and property from the devastating effects of fire. Proper fitting ensures that the door is installed correctly with the right hardware, including hinges, locks, and seals, to provide a tight fit and prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Additionally, regular maintenance is also critical to ensure that the door remains in good condition and continues to function correctly in the event of a fire. This involves inspecting the door regularly for damage, ensuring that seals and gaskets are intact, and making any necessary repairs or replacements.

Don't forget the essential accessories to go with your new grey fire-rated doors:

Need some help choosing your new grey fire-rated door? Check out our handy guides below: 

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