Door Furniture

Door furniture offers a wide variety of products available for domestic or commercial use. Choose from a broad range of door handles, door locks, door hinges and more.  

All in a range of styles and from many unique brands, you can be sure to find your ideal door furniture to suit internal doors and external doors. Discover products in various finishes, sizes and more to ensure you have the desired item befitting of your property theme and needs. 

Door handles and door knobs

A door handle or door knob is always a top priority feature to consider when it comes to installing a door. So make sure you have the ideal door handles or door knobs to use in the property.

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Door hinges

A door hinge is an absolutely vital piece of hardware needed on a door. Whichever door it is, be it an internal door or other form of door in the home, door hinges are needed to ensure smooth open and closing.  You can also choose from an array of finishes and design to match the theme. 

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Door locks and latches

A door lock or latch is of the utmost importance when it comes to security. Whether you're a domestic property owner looking for decorative security items to match or an industrial property owner looking for heavy duty British Standard locks to focus purely on security, our range has got you covered. 

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Finger and kick plates

A finger or kick plate is designed for use in high-traffic areas in buildings. This could be anything from domestic to commercial properties. These types of plates can be key for protection against scuffs, scratches and more on certain areas of the door. So worth the investment when you want to keep your door in good condition for longer. 

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Letter boxes

Letter box plates (aka letter boxes) are pieces of door hardware typically fitted to an external or front door. Not only can they used as a decorative feature and fit on the inside our outside space of a letterbox, but they can also be an extra security feature when it comes to protecting against property invaders. Another feature is that the additional barrier can reduce heat loss from the home. This is especially useful when it comes to letter plates with attached draught excluder brush or spring function to ensure full closure after opening. 

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Sliding door hardware

Sliding door hardware is, as expected, vital when installing a sliding door. It's especially important that you choose the right sliding door mechanism when doing so to ensure a fully functional system. We've got many sliding door hardware available for you to choose from, including various sliding door systems for cupboards, wardrobes, interior doors and more. 

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Door closers

A door closer can be great when it comes to the safety aspects of a door. Although typically used in commercial settings, these can be used in domestic locations depending on the type of doors required for the property. Especially when you need doors that have to close securely. 

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