Door Furniture

Door furniture comprises of handles, hinges, locks and letterboxes, and offers you an opportunity to customise your door to fit in with your style. Typical things to consider when looking at door hardware include whether you want a handle or a knob, ensuring hinges operate smoothly, and considering which type of letterbox best fits your home. 

Safety is an important consideration too. Locks and latches vary depending on the type of door they’re fitted on, but whether you’re looking for a secure lock for an external door or a heavy-duty lock for an industrial property, our range has you covered. 

If you have a high traffic area, consider finger and kick plates when looking at door fittings. Such plates protect against scuffs and scratches and can be worth the investment to ensure you get longevity and the maximum lifespan from your door.

Need some help choosing your door furniture or perhaps need advice with a fitting? Check out our handy guides below:

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