Internal Bi-Fold Doors

Internal bi-fold doors have long been a favourite for homeowners who wish to maximise usable floor and wall space. Bi-folding internal doors are favoured by those in smaller houses or apartments where opening a standard width door removes a lot of possibilities. For example, a downstairs WC may be possible with a small cupboard under the stairs, but the rest of the space might mean a regular door wouldn’t open fully or wouldn’t fit at all. Bi-fold doors don’t need to open outwards, so they offer an attractive solution.

For smaller homes where space is a number one priority, a bi-fold internal door allows furniture to sit closer to doorways and for areas like small walk-in wardrobes or ensuite bathrooms to better fit. 

Internal Folding Doors as Room Dividers

Bi-fold doors for internal use can be used as room dividers in large open plan spaces to give full flexibility to the area and the user. By installing wooden bi-fold doors or other interior folding doors between a living room and a dining room, for example, it’s easy to segment the space to make it more usable or to open the space for entertaining, for seasonal periods and for light too. Bi-fold internal doors can be purchased with glazing in the panes so light is no issue if you intend to use folding doors as a room divider. Discover amazing internal bi-fold doors with glass via our range and ensure you have folding interior doors that add can add a feeling of luxury to your property. 

Internal wooden bi-fold doors

Large and small bi-fold doors are available in many different finishes. One of those finishes you can discover is internal oak bi-fold doors. These types of doors offer a classic wooden style which can suit traditional and contemporary themes. Whether you want one or multiple oak bi-fold internal doors, there are many different styles to suit various needs. You can even choose to add this style with the possibility of combining them with other styles of folding internal doors. This can be anything from non-glazed bi-fold doors to glass bi-fold doors. Of course, this will depend on your requirements, so if you require support, you can speak to our team to discuss internal glass bi-fold doors and more.

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