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Door rain deflectors are a simple and cost-effective way of preventing water damage to the bottom of external doors. They can help to protect the base of wooden doors too, which can sometimes wear down over time. Rain deflectors can also be referred to as door weatherbars, and they’re typically designed to form a tight seal against external doors, while their steep curves direct water away from the door. 

We stock a variety of rain guards, ranging from traditional wooden weatherbars, which are great for period properties, to plastic and aluminium rain deflectors, which tend to work well in more modern settings. Each door rain guard in our range can be cut to size, so even if your door is a non-standard size, you’ll be able to find a product that prevents water and moisture build-up at its base.

Our rain deflectors are supplied by expert brands including Exitex, LPD Doors and Stormguard, and finishes span hardwood, polished, satin, oak and white.

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