Mendes Doors - Internal, External & Fire Rated Doors

Mendes has worked within the door industry for over 50 years. Their expertise has allowed them to build up an extensive selection of doors, using the finest timber for each product.

Oak and Hardwood Doors

Choose from a wide range of Mendes doors with many unique designs for your property. There are a number of different feature choices available to you, including glazed or un-glazed. A variety of Mendes doors also come with a 10-year manufacture guarantee for further reassurance in the quality of your new timber product.

For environmental lovers, Mendes has also ensured they are a chain that follows FSC standards. This means you can be assured that all timber has been sourced responsibly by Mendes.

Door Frame Kits

If you’ve planned to order a door, but have no door frame, there are a number of door frame kits for you to choose from. These can be provided un-finished to allow you to set up the product to your desired requirements. If you do wish to purchase un-finished, it is important that you fully treat the frames prior to installation.

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Showing 1-36 of 82