Door Hinges

Door hinges are naturally a vital component when fitting doors, cabinets, cupboards and more. Door hinges have the role of connecting the door to the frame to allow movement within certain boundaries. Hinges dictate whether the door can move 180 degrees on the frame or 90 degrees for example. Without hinges, there would be no pivot and the door would be fixed into place, so it’s very important to get hinges right and install them correctly too.

From Door Superstore there are many styles, finishes and colours for hinges. They’re often visible when the door is open so matching them to other door fixings to suit the style of the room is a must. Once you’ve opted for the same style as the rest of the door you can choose which finish you’d like as you’ll get a more rustic look from an antique brass finish but a way more modern angle from chrome. Chrome, stainless steel, brass, black iron and more make up our range of finishes.

It’s important that hinges are at consistent intervals on a door frame (no less than two on a standard height UK door to meet building regulations) and secured properly for smooth and seamless opening and closing. Safety close hinges and soft close hinges can help to reduce the noise of a closing door or cupboard and to protect fingers too.

Here at Door Superstore, there are all types of door hinges to choose from including butt hinges (also known as mortise hinges), flush inset hinges and gate hinges too.

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