Draught Excluders

A draught excluder sits across the bottom of a window or door frame to prevent a draught from coming in and creating a chill. Door draught excluders prevent cold air from entering underneath the door and they stop warm air, generated from central heating for example, from leaking out. Installing a draught excluder can reduce heating bills as well as increase the overall comfort of a building too. 

Window draught excluders are less common than door draught excluders as many people don’t tend to think it’s a viable option. These draught excluders sit along the length of sash windows to stop a breeze from coming in in the gap. Window draught excluders are particularly popular with single-glazed windows as they’re notoriously breezy! 

If your home is draughty or your heating bills could do with being lower, invest in a draught excluder and see how much you could save. 

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