Thresholds & Cills

Thresholds and cills for your windows and doors act as the perfect cost-effective draught excluders for your home. Simply place along the edge of your door or window frame and the threshold or cill creates a seal between the frame and the door or window. This prevents draughts from coming through any gaps and reduces the amount of heat lost. This will inevitably reduce your energy bills, as less heat loss means that less energy will be required to heat the home.

We stock a selection of thresholds and cills from Stormguard, a reputable brand with plenty of experience in thresholds and draught excluders to increase energy efficiency. Easy to apply, many thresholds and cills are made from flexible rubber and come with sealant, so they just need cutting to size, and the base is grooved to ensure it completely seals to the frame.

If you’re looking for further ways in which to improve the energy efficiency of your home, why not try a letter plate with draught excluding brushes, door closers, door curtains, or triple glazing in your door?

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