Fire Door Frames & Lining

Fire door frames and linings add an additional layer of protection against fires. By preventing doors from jamming and helping to conceal brickwork and timber, they help to keep your home safe in the event of a fire. Each fire door lining and frame comes with an FD30 fire rating, meaning it’ll protect against fire for up to 30 minutes.

Our fire door linings are supplied by renowned brands Deanta, LPD Doors and XL Joinery. The Deanta linings are universal, designed to fit all fire doors in the Deanta range, ensuring a seamless finish and giving you the ultimate peace of mind. 

Choose from materials including oak, walnut and white primed, to match the style of your fire door. Please note each fire door casing must be installed using the correct hardware and accessories, as each product is manufactured individually.

Don't forget the fire rated accessories to go with your fire door frame:

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