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When opting for fire rated doors you don’t need to compromise on style, colour or finish. Fire rated doors here at Door Superstore come in styles like panelled, glazed and moulded with oak, pine, white primed and even more finishes. Fire doors also come pre-finished so they’re immediately ready for install once the hinges and handle have been screwed on. Alternatively opt for fire door blanks, which are flush doors that can be cut down to any size.

Of course the main reason for installation of fire rated doors is to allow the occupants of the home or building more time to escape in the event of a fire. The fire doors prevent the spread of flame and of smoke, giving more time to exit and less exposure to flame and potentially toxic fumes. Fire rated doors each are independently tested to ensure they conform to regulation and perform as expected. Once this has happened they’re awarded a fire-resistant rating. For domestic properties the most common fire rated door classification is FD30 – these fire doors offer 30 minutes of fire protection. 

Do I need a fire rated door?

Fire rated doors are now regulation in new build homes, effectively ensuring there’s a path to an exit from any point in the home. If you’re replacing non-fire rated doors internally then there’s no need to upgrade to fire rated doors. However, there are some instances within building regulations where you must upgrade if you’re replacing them. 

Fire rated doors aren’t required in 1 storey homes, regardless of the build date, as windows will make for emergency exits all round. Fire doors are however required in homes that have 2 storeys with an internal door leading to an integral garage. This internal door must be fire rated and it must have smoke seals. If the home has 3 or more storeys too, each door leading on to the stairwell must have a fire rated door, with the stairs being fire rated as well. Please be aware that the 3 storey does include loft conversions so any 2 storey home with a loft conversion MUST have fire doors on every door which provides access to the stairwell. 

Naturally you don’t have to just conform to regulation. You’re allowed to make every internal door in your home fire rated if you wish. Whilst there’s absolutely no harm in doing this, it’s worth noting that fire rated doors are often around 10mm thicker than standard doors so existing door frames may need to be replaced. We’d also advise that on any installation of a fire rated door it’s worth bringing in a professional. Fire doors simply will not perform if they’re installed incorrectly. 

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