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We offer both aluminium slats roller garage doors and solid timber garage doors to suit any style and preference.

Our elegant roller doors with aluminium slats help reduce outside noise to a bare minimum. They come in different colour finishes and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that’s just right for your garage. They’re ideal if you have a shorter driveway or want to maximise your garage space. What’s more, these versatile garage doors feature an innovative monitor system, which improves their safety and prevents accidental damage to your car or potential injury to you and your family.

Our solid timber garage doors are smart and durable, making them a great addition to any property. Available unfinished, you have the freedom to paint, wax or stain them to fit with the style of your home. They’re ideal for any garage but must be sealed with a top coat of paint to ensure appropriate protection from the weather. 

We have a choice of glazed or unglazed wooden garage doors in our range. The former is great for allowing natural light in, which is perfect if your garage doubles up as a workshop. The latter provides you with complete privacy, a necessity if you store power tools or other expensive items in your garage. 

If you’re updating outbuildings and storage areas in your garden, consider replacing shed doors and wooden gates too, to create a smart, fresh looking outdoor space.

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