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External doors, whether they’re wooden or not, will be one of the first things that anyone sees when they come to your home. As soon as they get to the door they’ll be taking in the detail of the wooden door, the handles, the glazing, the style and overall finish that it gives. Matching up the style of your front door or wooden back door to the rest of the outside, and even the inside, of your home, is extremely easy to do when you have your pick of such a wide range of external wooden doors.

Choose between softwood, like oak and pine, or hardwood to match your style. Once you know which material of wooden front door you’re opting for, you can select glazing. It’s common for homeowners to select wooden front doors with some glazing in the top just to let light into dark or cold hallways. Team glazing with a light-coloured wood to transform a dark entrance hallway into a lighter, brighter space.

Door Superstore is proud to offer double glazed and triple glazed external wooden doors so the energy efficiency of the home is preserved. If you’re unsure what type of glazing you’d like, or you’d like to provide your own glazing, choose an ‘unglazed’ external door for a truly bespoke finish. Unglazed front doors come with a hole for glazing, ready to be installed, but no actual glass.

When it comes to handles, this can be a tough choice. Here at Door Superstore a selection of external wooden doors, or wooden front doors, come with the handles already attached. These are manufactured for this door specifically with the design of the door in mind, so they match! Of course, you can choose your own door hardware, including handles, knockers and numbers.

The doors available here are cherry-picked from well-known manufacturers that only bring the finest quality. The finest quality timber and joinery result in long-lasting, long-life wooden doors which offer a striking and attractive appearance throughout their life. High quality combined with great value gives wooden front doors mass appeal.Whether you desire a solid wood front door or wooden back door, you can find all sorts of amazing styles.  

Why choose wooden front doors?

Wooden front doors are a bold look as they bring a classic elegance to your doorstep. These striking doors offer kerb appeal from afar and superb wood grain detail up close. Durable, strong and sturdy wooden doors are hard to break down and they’re hard to break in. Team up wooden doors with 3 hinges, a certified lock and a deadbolt and you’ve got one of the safest doors on the market. 

There are numerous wood doors available in a variety of different wooden materials. Each one is designed to ensure you can have the exact door your desire. Whether that may be a solid wood front door or other form of wooden external door. You can even add wooden front doors with glass to have amazing style combined with additional light sourcing. Designs are vast when it comes to wooden doors with glass. Discover many of the finest designs as you search for your ideal timber door. 

External oak front doors

Oak is a classic softwood that’s extremely popular in the manufacture of home furniture and décor. It’s an easy match for oak floors or kitchen worktops for continuity around the home. Opting for an oak front door and oak internal doors will provide a flowing style that ties the home together. Oak is a strong, rot-resistant material that doesn’t need frequent maintenance. A wipe down and the occasional wood stain will see your oak front door returned to looking brand new.

External pine front doors

Pine is used to manufacture sturdy front doors thanks to its resistance to warping or splitting. Solid pine front doors and engineered pine front doors both carry a traditional style which can be used in classic properties in-keeping with the theme, or in modern properties to add a dash of timber. Pine front doors also boast some acoustic properties, dampening the transfer of sound from room to room when the door is shut. This could be perfect for homes on busy roads.

External hardwood front doors

Using hardwood for a front door is a bold, traditional statement. No matter the style, external solid hardwood doors give an iconic and traditional look that makes it a timeless classic when it comes to the style of solid wood external doors. Whether that's wooden back doors or solid wood front doors.  If you’re trying to instil a certain period style or genuine feel in a property, a hardwood front door will help you do this from the outset. Choosing solid hardwood or a hardwood door with an engineered core won’t reflect on the look of the door.

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