External Wooden Doors

External doors, whether they’re wooden or not, will be one of the first things that anyone sees when they come to your home. As soon as they get to the door they’ll be taking in the detail of the wooden door, the handles, the glazing, the style and overall finish that it gives. Matching up the style of your front door to the rest of the outside, and even the inside, of your home, is extremely easy to do when you have your pick of such a wide range of external wooden doors. 

With choices between softwood (featuring oak and pine) and hardwood, options on glazing and a pick of styles too, there’s no limit to how bespoke your external wooden door can be. Opt for a glazed external wooden door and you’ll let natural light into your home. This gives you the opportunity to flood an otherwise dark or uninspiring hallway with daylight. Here at Door Superstore we have external wooden doors which are single glazed, double glazed, triple glazed and unglazed. Unglazed wooden doors allow you to pick your own glazing, perhaps stained or obscure, and install this yourself for a truly bespoke door. 

A range of external wooden doors available here come with handles already attached. These handles are chosen by the manufacturer to match the aesthetic of the door and to be complementary. Most of the doors in the range however don’t have handles so these can be positioned and chosen by yourself. Victorian style doors, 6-panelled doors, 4-panelled doors, stable doors and more make up this ever-expanding range of exterior wooden doors. 

Products in External Wooden Doors:

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Showing 1-24 of 109