Exitex - Weatherproofing Accessories

Exitex provide a number of weatherproofing solutions for your doors, windows and conservatories. They have become the leading developer and distributor of weatherproofing products in the UK and continue to manufacture their products to the highest industry standards.

The products Exitex have developed include many unique patented features to ensure the products are as effective as possible. Choose from draught excluders, weather bars, rain deflectors, letter plate draught excluders and more to help weatherproof your home and reduce energy loss with Exitex.

They also ensure that they adhere to British Standards when it comes to the quality of their products. Specific materials such as aluminium, one that is used in various Exitex rain deflectors and draught excluders, follows the BS 1474. This can further your trust in the products provided by Exitex and as a result allow you to complete your building without concern.

With the main focus on weatherproofing items, don’t wait to purchase your ideal products today from Exitex to ensure you’re sourcing from a trusted supplier.

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