External Sidelights

Sidelights are vertical, narrow glazed panels that are generally set beside external doors in wide entrances. They are designed to bring extra light into hallways or entrances, or to create a more impressive entrance for a great first impression, creating a great aesthetic impact on the exterior of your home. Transforming a simple external door into an eye catching entrance has never been easier, and we have a great selection of exterior sidelights to choose from that will complement your home.

Which sidelight is best for my home?

When looking at sidelights, it’s important to choose the best one for your entrance. A clear glazed sidelight will allow maximum light into your hallway or entrance, but it will also greatly reduce privacy levels. If your entrance is near a busy road or path it might be worth considering an obscure glazed sidelight, as this will allow light in, but retain privacy. Alternatively, you can pick a decorative glass styled sidelight, which allows light in but the decorative glazing breaks up the window and introduces a slightly increased level of privacy. Triple glazing is a great way to bring the natural light in whilst ensuring the noise levels and heat transfer is minimal, so is quite popular in sidelights. 

As well as people being able to potentially see into your home, sidelights can also allow you to look out, which can be a benefit as you can look outside to see who is at your door before letting them in, which can provide a stronger sense of security for many families.

Here at Door Superstore we currently supply a range of oak sidelights to be fitted next to your external doors, with varying designs and glazing options. Our external sidelights are all supplied as unfinished, which means you can add the right stain, varnish or paint to complement your external door and create the perfect entrance to your home. Don't forget to also get your sidelight frames in order to create a complete look. 

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