Stable Doors

Stable doors offer a traditional look as the two halves of the door allow the bottom half to remain shut and the top half to open. Allowing natural light and fresh air to flow in, external stable doors can let the outside in without letting small children or pets out. These types of doors suit period properties and more rural-style buildings like cottages or farmhouses, but they’d also make an attractive talking point on a modern property too. 

Modern properties can benefit from external stable doors as unfinished doors just need to be painted or varnished to match the style of the build. Unfinished stable doors sit alongside finished stable doors which are already painted, glazed and ready to go. Unglazed stable doors give homeowners more choice with what type of glazing they install, whether it’s privacy glazing, coloured glazing or even stained glazing. Triple glazed stable doors are available for the more environmentally-conscious buyer! 

A variety of styles are on offer here from Door Superstore once you’ve opted for an external stable door. Pick from materials like external hardwood, external oak and unfinished timber stable doors. Make the difficult choice between paneled, moulded, and Part L compliant stable doors too. 

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Showing 1-10 of 10 products