Letter Box Plates

Letter plates are a piece of door hardware that is fitted onto external doors, and generally the front door. They can be fitted internally or externally to your letterbox, and although they are simple they have a number of benefits. Letter plates add an extra barrier that increases the security of your property, dissuading opportunistic burglaries. Additionally, the extra barrier can reduce the amount of heat loss from your home, especially when you choose a letter plate with an attached draught excluder brush or spring function to ensure the letterbox flap fully closes after opening.

Types of Letter Plates

Here at Door Superstore, we have a range of letterbox flaps for you to choose from. External letterboxes provide a smart clean finish to your door, and the simple switch to a new letter plate can be a budget-friendly and super effective way to update your home. In a variety of styles, we have classic antique style brass letterbox plates which are perfect for period homes and traditional styles or choose from a range of more contemporary spring letter plates in brass, polished chrome or satin chrome finishes. Some of our letter plates also come complete with knockers so you can combine the two pieces of hardware into one, giving a minimalist and clean appearance to your front door.

We also stock a range of internal letter plates which fit on the inside of your door to provide a clean finish and combat the potential draught and heat loss that occurs through the letterbox. Choose from plastic, aluminium or steel, with a range of different finishes to suit your home, and select between internal letterbox covers with a flap to create a clean finish, or pick a letter plate without the flap if preferred.

If you’re looking for a fully functioning letterbox plate that is double-sided, to fit both inside and outside your front door, and has draught excluders and spring closers attached, as well as being British standard approved, we also stock double-sided letter plate sets in a variety of colours.

Whichever style letter plate you’re looking for, browse our collection and find the perfect letterbox flap to complete your front door today.

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