Fire Rated Accessories

Fire rated doors are becoming increasingly common in properties, due to the changes in building regulations, recent events and concerns for safety. When installing fire doors, it is essential to have all the correct fire rated accessories to fix to the door too – without fire rated accessories, the door does not comply to building regulations.

In domestic properties, if you have a two-storey house with a door leading to an integral garage, this must be a fire door. Additionally, if a new build has 3 or more storeys, which includes loft conversions, doors connecting to the stairwell must be fire doors. However, you can fit as many fire doors as you wish – even if you don’t need them according to building regulations – they provide security and protection, but it’s important to remember that if you are replacing regular doors with fire doors, the frames may not be thick enough so may also need replacing.

Here at Door Superstore, as well as fire doors we also stock a range of accessories – fire rated doors do not perform to fire safe standards unless fitted with the appropriate fire rated accessories and hardware. 

Intumescent hinge pads

Intumescent hinge pads are fitted behind fire rated hinges to offer extra protection in case of fire, and to prevent the fire from spreading further. Intumescent pads are made from a material that swells up when exposed to heat, which protects the hinges from fire damage and stops the fire from spreading through any gaps.

Intumescent fire seals

Intumescent fire seals work in a similar way – applied around door frames, the seal expands when heated, which prevents smoke and flames from passing through the gaps for 30 minutes, allowing more time to get people to safety, and more damage prevention. 

Fire door closers

Fire door closers are crucial in ensuring fire doors work properly in case of fire. Doors should close fully in less than 25 seconds, ideally less time – the shorter time the fire door is open, the less time fire and smoke has to pass through. They are a legal requirement when fitting a fire door, so choose from our selection of door closers to install on your fire door. Choose from surface mounted spring door closers, adjustable overhead fire door closers or concealed fire door closers if you don’t want the fire door appearance to impact your home. 

Fire door signs

Don’t forget to fix fire door signs onto your fire door - these are required on fire doors in communal areas of properties, HMOs, student houses, and commercial buildings. We stock “Fire door keep shut” and “fire door keep locked” signs, which need to be fixed to both sides of the fire doors to make people aware of which door to go through in case of fire. 



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