Sealants & Weatherstrips

Sealants and weatherstrips are used to prevent warm air escaping from the perimeter of your doors and windows to help stop draughts, keep your house warm and save energy. Here at Door Superstore we stock weather strip seals from Stormguard, a well known and reputable brand.

For weather stripping you can use a variety of sealants, but we recommend the rubber foam sealants. These are self adhesive so do not require fixings, and can be cut to size according to the door or window you are weatherstripping. We also stock garage door sealants for the thresholds of garages, which not only seals the door to prevent draughts but also deflects water away from the inside.

How to apply weatherstripping

To calculate the amount of sealant you require, measure the perimeters of the door frame or window you are weatherstripping, and add an extra 5-10% to the total. Make sure the area is dry and above -7 degrees Celsius, and then apply the weatherstrip along each surface, ensuring it fits tightly at each corner.

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