Want information on the ever-useful butt hinge? For advice on a butt hinge, whether using it on a large door or cabinet door, read through this guide to learn about the types of butt hinge.

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What is a butt hinge?

The butt hinge is one typically used for doors and composed of two identical leafs (aka wings). One attached to the moving part and the other attached to the fixed part. These leafs are attached by a curled barrel (aka the knuckle). This is what allows the door to open.

The reason for their common use amongst doors is because their design is able to support more weight. Steel, wood and fibreglass doors can be heavy and in turn damage hinges that are weaker. So butt hinges are desired because they support heavier weights.

Types of butt hinges

There are four standard types of butt hinge to choose from:

Standard butt hinges

The standard butt hinge, also known as a mortise hinge, is the most common form of hinge. Typically it is used to attach doors to frames in homes, commercial buildings and other properties. Antique black butt hinges are greatly desired as a choice for period properties, older homes and traditional-style décor.

Ball-bearing butt hinge

Ball bearing butt hinges are designed for heavier doors. They’re one of the most durable door hinge types, being built for not only heavier doors, but also wider ones.

To reduce friction, the ball bearing is placed between two knuckles. Friction can wear down the hinges and more often that not friction will be caused by frequent use. Hence why the hinges are to be placed facing where most friction occurs.

Ball-bearing butt hinges are also permanently lubricated to allow doors to open and close with ease, reducing the amount of friction.

Rising butt hinges

The rising butt hinge is ideal for rooms with uneven flooring. For example, if you have flooring that is thick, has deep piled carpet or thick tiles, a rising butt hinge can be used to lift the door to clearance. This means it can open over the thicker floor, without needing to trim the door or have a gap when the door is shut.

Fire rated butt hinges

A fire rated butt hinge is a hinge that should be used when installing a fire door. They’re designed to withstand the weight of fire doors and prevent warping from occurring. As a tip, it is recommended that using an intumescent pad when installing a fire door with this type of butt hinge. This can support the fire prevention or smoke passing through gaps as the pad will swell when heated.


If you need advice on how to fit a butt hinge, check out our guide here.

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