Internal Door Pairs

Internal door pairs, also known as internal French doors or internal double doors, are an easy way to make your home more versatile. By installing interior door pairs between two rooms, a dining room and a living room for example, you can choose to keep the doors closed to separate the rooms. Opting for glazed internal door pairs will mean you won’t lose any natural light in this case either! 

With the option to open the doors to create more space, they are absolutely ideal for hosting or for seasonal festivities. The doors between a living room or dining room for example can be closed to create a cosier living room feel for a small group, but they can be opened up for a party or larger group too. 

Not only are internal door pairs functional and versatile, they can be an extremely attractive focal point. A range of finishes gives you full creative control over the final look of the double doors and with so many options of style, colour and wood type, the double doors can be matched so existing interior so there’s no need to redecorate. 


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Showing 1-36 of 39