Half Glazed Internal Doors

When deciding on the best internal doors for your latest project, there are so many different options to choose from. Although the most well-known types of internal door include glazed, unglazed, flush and wooden doors, half glazed internal doors are another option you should consider.

What are half glazed internal doors?

Half glazed internal doors consist of a typically traditional style door, with panels of glazing in one half of the door, typically the top half. Half glazed internal doors come in a range of styles. Choose traditional cottage doors, Victorian panel doors with 2 glazed panels, oak doors with a single glazed panel, and much more.

Additionally, there is a variety of choice when it comes to the glazed panels within a half glazed internal door. For maximum light, choose a half-glazed door with a single large transparent glazing panel, or a Victorian-style panel door with two panels. For a more decorative style, there is the option to opt for a half-glazed door with etched glazing, or leaded glazing which involves the use of lead within the glass to create decorative patterns. Another option of glazing within a half glazed internal door is obscure glazing – this type of glazing will provide higher levels of privacy than clear glazing, whilst still allowing some natural light into the room.

Why choose a half glazed internal door?

Half glazed internal doors are a great way to bring natural light into a room whilst still maintaining some levels of privacy, and a traditional feel to your home. Perfect for homes where natural light is in abundance, or for people who are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, half glazed internal doors allow light to flow into kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and more, and can even be installed with obscure glazing for use in bathrooms.

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