Front door canopies are more than a simple aesthetic feature for your front door. They’re brilliant for making your property stand out and are a great shelter solution. Especially when you need to hurry inside on a rainy day.

This guide will help you learn more about door canopies. Discover modern front door canopy ideas for your property to ensure it looks great long-term.

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Innovative front door canopy ideas for 2023

A canopy is a great addition to any domestic or commercial property. Here are some tips to help you get started on choosing your new front door canopy!

Go for a material and design that makes a statement

The canopy cover itself is typically manufactured from polycarbonate. This in turn helps with the extremely easy cleaning and minimal maintenance processes.

Having said this, the choice of material can also depend on what aesthetic and statement you want to make. A wooden door canopy is a safe choice, but not the only option. So if you want a plastic door canopy, go for it!


Wooden door canopies●Flexible customisation options
●Typically comes with gallow brackets
●Rustic appearance
●Great for period homes
●Modern wooden canopies typically manufactured with treated hardwood (light or dark) to last longer if properly maintained
●Can be covered in various tiles and slates
●If not maintained or treated, can be prone to rot and deterioration
Metal door canopies●Typically manufactured by galvanised steel, iron or aluminium
●A modern solution
●Timeless appearance
●Corrosion resistant
●Aluminium lighter in weight
●Long lasting
●Can be prone to rust if not maintained
●Aluminium can be prone to dents
GRP door canopies
(glass reinforced plastic)/GRP Fibreglass door canopies
●Ideal for traditional canopy admirers
●Manufactured from modern materials (including tough plastic resin and glass fibres)
●Cost effective
●Can replicate many different styles (slate roods, wooden soffits ●etc)
●Easy maintenance
●Long lasting
●Available in a wide range of colours
●Thermal insulation properties
●Can be at risk of discolouration and fading due to sun exposure
●Can have lower resistance to impact
Glass door canopies●Typically manufactured from toughed safety glass couples with stainless steel
●Thin profile for smoother look
●Improved durability
●Improved weather resistance
●Lines of glass not disrupted in appearance at support brackets
●Can come in limited shapes
●Heavier material so will need heavier structural support
●Can be more expensive
●Can have reduced or no UV protection
Polycarbonate door canopies●Easy to fit
●Easy to clean (cloth can be used with non-abrasive detergent and hosed down)
●Easy to maintain
●Long lasting (at least 25 years)
●Great alternative to glass
●Available in a range of colours
●Restricted sheet sizes (more structure needed to support it)
Acrylic door canopies●Used under a wide range of trade names
●Available in a wide range of colours
●Ideal for commercial premises and can be manufactured specifically for residential properties
●Can be higher risk to scratches
●Little or no heat-resistance
Polyethylene door canopies●Form of heavy-duty plastic
●Can be treated to ensure it is water, mould and UV resistant
●Limited life expectancy

Go bold by choosing a colour that stands out

Typically a door canopy colour should more or less match the door. Something like amethyst, sunshine or sunset can really catch the eye.

Get creative with decorations

Make the canopy really stand out with decorations! Perhaps you want to add some floral design? Grab some flowers and place them in hanging baskets.

You could also hang some lights and even plants right from the roof. Pretty lights aren’t just for Christmas. So adding lights can make for a unique and eye-catching addition.

What is a door canopy?

A canopy for front door fittings is a simple, inexpensive addition to the outside of your home. They are typically located above the top of external doors. Use a modern front door canopy to elevate the overall finish and give your home a unique appearance.

Westminster Glazed Green Hardwood External Door with a Door Canopy

What are the benefits of a front door canopy?

The benefits of a door canopy are vast. A door canopy can:

Provide shelter

A primary use of door canopies is to protect people from wind and rain while outside or while unlocking the front door. It is typically cheaper than a brick-and-mortar porch extension, too.

We recommend that you install a door canopy if your door cannot be inset. As such, a canopy with at least a 1.5 metre extension outwards is ideal for weather protection.

Make door maintenance easier

Cleaning and maintaining a door canopy cover is extremely easy and minimal. This is thanks to its manufacturing, as most covers are polycarbonate.

If you choose other materials, cleaning or maintaining a door canopy will depend on the type of material.

Act as an attractive design feature

A door canopy can be a distinctive feature of a property. Especially with supports manufactured from stainless steel or aluminium.

Thanks to this, it also improves curb appeal because of the above benefits, offering the desired traits for many homeowners.

There are a variety of canopy designs to choose from too! These include:

Canopy styleUsesFeatures
●Modern brick buildings
●Simple design
●Timeless appearance
●Easy water run-off away from the doorway
Vintage●Victorian properties
●Earlier period properties
●Generally made from rust-proof aluminium glazed with toughened glass (replicates wrought iron)
●Typically comes with different bracket designs and pitches to suit the theme of the property and meet requirements for the canopy
Breadsall●Variety of homes in areas where weather is bad more often than not●Slope on either side deeper for more effective water run-off
●Deeper slope protruding further to appear as a more defined feature for the home
●Higher cost
Greenhurst●Variety of homes●Cost effective
●Simple design
●Typically manufactured from UV resistant resin and polycarbonate cover
●Translucent materials means continued weather protection with sunlight able to shine through on brighter days
●Easy to install with a fix to the wall
Cheltenham mono pitch canopies●Red brick terraced homes●Typically comes with roof coated in UV stabiliser for long-lasting colour
●Simple design
●Range of colours to match roofing styles

To summarise, the door canopy offers a vast amount of use for weather protection. It can also be a key feature for the appearance of a property, and also improve home value.

So installing a canopy over front door spaces, no matter what reason, is worth it.

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