Mortice door knobs come in a vast range of designs, but what is a mortice? Here you can find out more about mortice door knobs and more.

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What is a mortice?

A mortice (aka mortise or pocket) is typically a rectangular cavity or slot cut into a piece of wood or stone to receive a matching insert with the same dimensions.

What is a mortice lock?

Mortice latches or locks fit into a cavity at the edge of a door. Commonly used on front doors, the mortice lock is favoured for its security as well as its flush finish when installed.

Typically a mortice lockset can cover the key components needed for a mortice lock. Including strike plates, fixings and a key (or keys). You can also find a faceplate which is a separate metal piece that attaches to the door and faces the strike plate.

See the example of a mortice lock below.

What is the difference between a rim knob and a mortice knob?

A rim knob has a rose that can be removed or used once fitted to a rim lock. It’s usually fitted on the door’s surface rather than within the door itself. Mortice knobs are usually fixed with a rose that is not removable. They only work with locks or latches that fit (aka “morticed”) into the edge of a door.

Mortice door knobs also come in a wide variety of styles, including glass, wood, china, brass mortice door knob products and many more.

Here are some key differences between rim knobs and mortice knobs below:

Rim knobMortice knob
Placement on door●Fitted on the door's surface●Fitted (morticed) into the edge of a door
Mechanism●Operates the lever
●Does not control the lock or latch
●Controls the lock or latch while fitted inside the cavity of the door
Rose (decorative plate) style●Removable●Fixed
Uses●Period-style homes
●Doors where fitting a mortice knob isn't possible
●Modern homes
●Contemporary homes

How to fit a mortice lock

For a refresher on fitting a mortice lock, check out how to fit a mortice lock via our How to fit a mortice lock guide.

Final thoughts

Mortice door knobs are fantastic for many areas of the home where subtlety and security are key. Find your ideal mortice knobs set and enjoy a product befitting your aesthetic.

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