Louvre doors aren’t just for wardrobes, and they’ve become a stylish statement piece that’s making a comeback. Louvre doors can be painted, varnished, and glossed to be a subtle addition to your interior or a fantastic centre-piece to draw attention too. Get creative with louvre doors and you can design and make your own headboards, upgrade a living room cabinet, create interesting shelves in the bathroom or save space in a smaller bedroom.

Table of contents:

  1. Why choose louvre doors?
  2. Where can I use louvre doors?
  3. Where can I buy louvre doors?

Why choose louvre doors?

Louvre doors offer plenty of opportunity for style and custom projects without breaking the banks, but why choose louvre doors? Read on then measure up using our guide to get started.

Louvre doors are low-cost

Louvre doors can be purchased for a relatively small price compared to other internal doors. Their low-cost can make them a favourite for refreshing a room and adding a touch of style that’s totally custom to you.

Louvre doors are versatile


Louvre doors are known for their versatility in the industry as they can be used in every room in the home. Different configurations, including using half-width louvre doors to create a double door effect in a single-width doorway, allow for many styles and adaptations.

Louvre doors offer ventilation

Ventilation may be overlooked as an important factor for a door but if you’re trying to keep coats, shoes, linen and shoes smelling fresh then opting for louvre doors is a smart move. These doors have angled slats that let air circulate without the contents behind the door being visible.

Louvre doors are so easy to style

Louvre doors can be painted however you wish so if you opt for plain pine you can run riot with paints and colours until you’re satisfied. You could also opt for white as a base colour and flick paint colours at the door for a cool, splatter finish! It really is up to you.

Where can I use louvre doors?

You can use louvre doors all throughout your home to create unique spaces with functional touches. Providing ventilation and a lightweight door option, which is ideal for children or the elderly, use louvre doors anywhere you see fit!

Update your hallway

Add some style and create a fresh new look in the hallway by ditching an outdated cupboard door and replacing it with louvre doors. Choosing a louvre door will provide some ventilation so coats remain fresh even if they’ve not been worn in a while.

Refresh a bedroom on a budget

You’ll be surprised at the impact replacing fitted wardrobe doors can make. Switching solid wooden doors, which are often heavy and can easily become unseated, with light-weight louvre doors can keep clothes fresh and aired. Louvre doors are ideal for children’s bedrooms too as you can finish them in any style and they’re light enough for small children to pull open themselves.

Turn a kitchen cupboard into a pantry

Ditch the old kitchen cupboard door and turn your cupboard into a true-to-style pantry by using louvre doors. You could fit two half-width louvre doors to give a double-door effect or you could opt for a bi-fold approach to save space and fold the louvre doors to open the pantry.

Keep your airing cupboard fresh

Many old or large properties still boast a classic airing cupboard for linens, so why not honour them as a classic feature? Revert back to louvre doors to keep the contents aerated and ventilated. Venting the cupboard will also keep condensation at bay if some of the contents aren’t fully dry yet, letting them dry without inducing a damp smell.

Decorate with a unique style

Use louvre doors to decorate areas with a style you may not have considered before. Get creative using some of the ideas below!

Where can I buy louvre doors?

You can buy louvre doors right here from Door Superstore in both pine and white-painted. There are over 50 sizes available so you can choose whatever suits the measurement of your space to the nearest mm. With a 1-2 day lead time for delivery and hinges available from us too, you’ll be working on your project quick as a flash.

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