Aside from the obvious, life-saving benefits of fire doors, there are some surprising benefits you may not have thought of. Even if installing fire doors throughout your home isn’t a legal requirement, these benefits may convince you (if the time they offer to escape a fire isn’t convincing enough!)

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Fire doors feel high-quality

Thanks to their thick, solid construction, fire doors are reported to feel like a more high-quality product than some standard internal doors. The weight behind the fire doors makes them feel more sturdy and, whilst it may not be true on paper, the doors feel as if they’re made from a superior material or wood. The feel of your doors may not be a high priority on your list but when it comes to renting out a property or selling a property, this can make all the difference to first impressions and perceived value. Fire doors could even add value if buyers know the house is equipped with fire doors!

Fire doors look high-quality

Long gone are the days when fire doors were bog-standard, wood-grained and ugly! Now you can have glazed fire doors, panelled fire doors and just about every design feature you could want without worrying about how the fire doors will perform.

Fire doors offer sound-proofing

There’s no denying that fire doors are thick and heavy, once again giving additional benefits. Fire doors are overall more acoustically insulating than regular internal doors so they can prevent noise transfer from room to room. In instances where a utility room holds a washing machine and tumble dryer, for example, fire doors could be prudent for dampening the noise of these appliances and containing a fire if one were to be ignited from the appliances.

Choosing fire doors now can future-proof your home

Whilst you’re replacing your internal doors, it may be worth opting for fire doors now to save you time and money in the future. Installing fire doors now could mean that, should you extend your home another storey, the fire doors required for LABC sign-off on your extension are already there, saving time and money. If you choose to rent out your home as a house of multiple occupation, this will need fire doors leading from individual bedrooms. If you start a family in the future, the sound-proofing benefits that a peace-of-mind fire door could offer might give one parent an hour or two away from the noise!

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