Shaker doors have risen in popularity recently, but what are they? Here at Door Superstore, we’ve created a quick introduction to shaker doors, what they are and why people love them.

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What is a shaker door?

So, what are shaker doors exactly? Shaker doors are typically internal doors or cabinet doors with simple construction, designed with a central panel and a raised rectangular frame surrounding it. Shaker doors are traditionally known for their minimalist designs, with no decorative detailing or profiling.

Why are they called shaker doors?

The name ‘Shaker’ originated from the ‘Shaker society’. This was a nickname for the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing.

After breaking away from the Quakers, they emigrated to America. There they settled in New England, which is where their history thrived. People started to recognise them for creating high-quality furniture. They used wood such as pine or cherry to create beautiful pieces.

One of the key beliefs of Shakers was they must craft their work to the highest standards. This was because they saw it as a testament to God and believed everything should have a purpose. The result was that their furniture was of high quality yet practical and sturdy.

How are shaker doors made?

The shaker door is classically constructed with five pieces. This includes the central panel, two rails and two stiles. This gives the door stability and structure.

As with all furniture made by the Shakers, the shaker door has no decorative detailing. This follows the belief that spending time adding embellishments to furniture wastes time. Mainly because it adds no practical benefits, but also because it appears dishonest or prideful.

One of their common sayings is “Whatever is fashioned, let it be plain and simple and for the good”.

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What makes shaker doors so popular?

A shaker-style door offers timeless and minimalist styling. This is desired throughout homes and buildings across the UK. Before, people have chosen doors for their intricate designs, statement pieces and fashion. Whether it was the Art Deco designs of the 20s and 30s or the elaborate Victorian designs.

Yet, interior design has progressed. As such, there has been a resurgence in shaker doors and cabinets.

Shaker doors are perfect for homes with minimalist interior designs. This is because of the simplistic style of shaker doors, including the lack of decorative embellishments. Both of which give the doors a clean and crisp finish.

Additionally, shaker-style doors come in a range of colours. So you don’t have to risk mismatching them with the decor of the home or property. Instead, you can have a minimalist and clean design that also meets your creative needs.

Many manufacturers today have modern alternatives inspired by shaker doors. Going against the traditional design that many know and love. This includes simple 4-panel shaker interior doors, glazed shaker internal doors and other variations on the traditional version of a shaker door.

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Want to know more about shaker doors?

If you’d like to know more about shaker doors, take a look at our range.

Do you have a door you want to change for a shaker door? You’re in luck! We can show you How to turn your flush door into a shaker door for under £100 to ensure you have the latest shaker door style for the property.

If you need help with sizing, you can visit our door sizing guide for more information.

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