East Coast Fittings - Door Handles & Accessories

East Coast Fittings is one of the leading trade-only distributors of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom accessories. Here at Door Superstore we are proud to supply a range of their products at competitive prices.

Choose from a range of slimline, contemporary and antique drawer and door pulls. You can also find a selection of door pull handles and doorknobs from East Coast Fittings in a selection of styles to suit your home.

Doorknobs and Handles

Searching for the right interior doorknobs and handle-based items can be a challenge for some, but with ECF you can find many unique styles.

Expressions by East Coast Fittings is one of their most popular own brands. This section of the range epitomises the best of classic, contemporary British design throughout the selection of ECF doorknobs, door pull handles and cabinet handles.

The colours of the products each offer a vibrant, clean look which can be perfect for many different settings. Whether you are indeed looking for bedroom, bathroom or kitchen accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice within this beautiful range.

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