Hafele is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fittings, joinery and handles for your home. Whether you’re looking for one specific type of fitting or a selection of features for your property, they can provide a range of different products to suit your requirements.

Choose from Hafele's vast selection of door handles, doorknobs, cabinet accessories and hinges in a range of different styles to complement your home.

Hafele prides themselves on being a dynamic company. With their ability to both manufacture and distribute, this allows them to find or create new innovative products within a short time period when they see a demand for something new. This can be anything from a new style drawer handle to a more innovative cabinet hinge to fulfil your needs. 


When it comes to handles, the design can matter just as much as the function. Hafele make sure that they manufacture their handles with a practical design as well as a good-looking one. That way you can impress visitors and keep admiring your new handle for the long-term.

You can contact our experts for further information via the chat box in the bottom right or using the number at the top of the page. 

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