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The MUL-T-LOCK company has been working hard to provide customers worldwide with innovative door lock solutions. They want to ensure that they can help you enable safe, secure and convenient access to important properties in your life.

Shackle Padlocks

MUL-T-LOCK’s shackle padlocks offer a higher form of traditional security. Whether that may be for gates, storage doors or other various circumstances, the shackle padlock is a suitable and much more efficient solution.

Their shackle padlocks have also been manufactured to withstand more aggressive physical attacks and corrosion. This means you can rely on a longer-lasting form of security method. You can also choose sliding bolt padlocks by MUL-T-LOCK if you require something with high security, but with the non-key retaining feature.

Cylinder Locks

The cylinder locks by MUL-T-LOCK can be easily installed in place of your door handle’s old lock. One of the key features of the cylinder locks is that even if they are attacked, the key will still operate internally.
MUL-T-LOCK cylinder locks are also designed to snap. This is in place as a form of protection against the most common form of forced entry.

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