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Visofold has been working for many decades to perfect their high-quality range of bifold sliding doors within their manufacturing processes. Now with the Visofold 1000 series, you can have the latest technology when it comes to unique sliding doors for your home or business.

Their bifold doors are great for bringing that extra bit of light into your property. Whether it may be for a conservatory space or part of a café setting, Visofold’s 1000 series can be the ideal fit. Choose from a number of configurations to ensure that the doors fit to your desired preferences, as well as the colour for further matches to the theme of your home. There are many bespoke options available. 

As a plus of their products, Visofold has made sure profiles for their doors are enhanced for thermal benefits and feature EPDM high quality gaskets. They are also made for improved weather resistance so you can enjoy a peaceful indoor setting without worrying about negative forecasts.

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