Door Closers

Door closers and gate closers are extremely practical in many situations, including for increased fire safety, for preventing doors from slamming and for reducing energy bills too. Leaving a door open can allow warm air to escape out and so more money will need to be spent keeping the building warm. Door closers are automatic so once a person has let go of the door, this will close on its own - this type of door closer is a fire door closer. 

To comply with building regulations and to ensure maximum safety throughout the home, it’s best to install a fire rated door closer on a fire rated door to ensure it stays shut. A fire door is useless if it’s open when a fire breaks out! In this range of door closers at Door Superstore we offer fire rated door closers for domestic properties and hydraulic fire rated door closers for commercial and industrial applications too as these closers can take the weight of a heavier door. 

From brands like Sterling, Excel and more, there’s a variety of finishes to choose from so that when your door closer is visible it matches the room it’s in. Finishes like wood effect, brass and stainless steel are but a few of our most popular sellers. 

Gate Closers

Gate closers follow the same principle as door closers as they can prevent gates from slamming and they can also prevent pets, horses and other animals from leaving an area. There’s no need to worry about whether you closed the gate behind you as spring-loaded gate closers automatically ensure a controlled closing speed, regardless of strong wind conditions. 

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