Sidelight Frames

Sidelight frames are external door frames with wooden panels extended either side to accommodate a sidelight for decorative purposes or to let more natural light into a dark hallway. Sidelight external door frames are manufactured from engineered timber for durability and strength against the elements. These types of frames are weatherproof, and the jambs are movable so that the frame can accommodate any kind of sidelight and door configuration or size. Universal sidelight frames can be arranged in any form so the sidelight and door for example can be the same width for symmetry, or they could take different amounts of space.

External door frames for sidelights leave the manufacturer flat-packed for low-cost and low-carbon transport since they take up less space on vehicles. This also helps when it comes to storage on site, especially if the frames are delivered a few days or some time before they’re due to be installed. Useful in case of any hold ups in construction too! Flat-packed sidelight frames are so easy to put together and this also gives you opportunity to install mullions where needed for decorative effect. 


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