Room Dividers

Sliding room dividers from well-known brands LPD and XL Joinery offer a series of configurations for stylish and contemporary partitions in living spaces. The partition can be set to so many variations that it makes the space dynamic and exciting, as well as more usable. Close the room dividers to partition off two rooms for a more intimate setting or open up the dividers to increase usable living space for social occasions. 

Perfect for modern family living, there are configurations to suit all types of rooms and every size of space. From 2 dividers up to 10 dividers, a huge space can be sectioned without losing any light, or the concept of space, as glazed panels allow light to flood through and remain airy. Opt for clear glazing for a more open feel or for privacy glazing to truly keep the two rooms separate when closed. 

Oak dividers are made from sustainable timber that’s slimline to keep the floor space taken up by these sliding room dividers to a minimum. White primed dividers are ready for finishing on site with either wood varnish or paint, allowing for perfectly matching and customised dividers. 


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