You might think of your shed mostly as a place to store tools, garden implements and leftover stuff you haven’t quite got round to disposing of.

A bit neglected perhaps?

We’ve all been there.

And yet, your old garden shed can be so much more!

The question is:

How to decorate your shed?

From simple, standalone garden shed ideas and tips for decorating a shed to more or less complete transformation projects, we’ve got something for everyone.

Let’s dig in.

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How can I make my shed look nice?

Start by tidying up and getting rid of any old junk that happens to be lying about. Fitting a few shelves can help you keep things orderly on the inside. In addition, a workbench with hooks for tools will go a long way.

There is lots more you can do when it comes to how to make a shed look nice. So, put on a pair of safety gloves and consider these tips.

1. Refresh your shed with a new coat of paint

Before you get to fancy outdoor shed decorations, a new coat of paint can do wonders for your tired old shed.

The garden shed colours you can embrace are endless:

Go bold with art nouveau patterns if you’d like your shed to be the centrepiece of your garden.

Want to make the most of limited space? Go white for a lighter, brighter ambience.

If it’s a countryside feel you’re after, rustic red is ideal.

Alternatively, light green pear will compliment any foliage perfectly. And if you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, you can take a cue from one of our Door Superstore colleagues and go for a seaside theme.

2. Install a shed door canopy

When decorating a shed door, door canopies are both useful and elegant creative shed ideas. They’ll protect you from the rain and spruce up your shed by giving it character. And since they come in various shapes and colours, you’ll be able to find the right one for your preferred theme in no time.

Check out our front door canopy suggestions for more garden shed design ideas along this line.

3. Install lights on the outside

Are you wondering what to put on the outside of a shed?

Make it come alive at night and brighten your garden with some lights around the shed door. You can play around with different colour light bulbs to heighten the effect of shed decorating. And come December, why not add some Christmas lights to boost that festive spirit?

4. Add a trellis

Fitting a trellis or two at the sides of your shed or somewhere around the entrance can allow vines, morning glories, hyacinth bean flowers and creeping groundsel to grow up them. Tend to these flowering plants, and you’ll soon have your very own hanging gardens of Babylon adorning your garden shed!

Horizontal fence panels are also an option with these garden shed decorating ideas.

5. Landscape around the shed

Shed decorating ideas don’t have to end with the shed itself. After all, the space around it is just as vital for the overall ambience. So, consider planting shrubbery and placing large rocks in certain locations. By adding a small picket fence, a couple of large flower pots and a garden elf or similar garden shed ornaments, you’ll create a charming countryside feel.

Depending on the type of roof your shed has, you can also plant greenery on the roof for an eye-catching décor piece. As an added bonus, this shed decoration will make your garden even more environmentally friendly.

6. Set up a garden bar

This is something of a seasonal makeover for the crazy British summer. Put up bunting and creative signs to lift your guests’ mood. A few folding chairs and a portable or folding bar will complete the look.

All you’ve got to do to get the party going now is take out the drinks (Pimm’s, anyone?) and snacks and put on your favourite playlist! The perfect al fresco Saturday afternoon in June is all sorted.

7. Enthrall with an enchanted shed

This is one of the more creative outhouse ideas on our list. With a witch’s shed, your garden will look like a scene straight out of a Grimm brothers’ story or a Disney movie. You’ll need some artistic skills in order to paint it in ways that seemingly distort its dimensions and make some of the objects appear out of line, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

An enchanted shed decor is striking to look at and will become the centrepiece of your garden. What’s more, your children will love dressing up as their favourite fairytale characters and playing in it, letting their imagination run wild and helping them stay active.

Plant some colourful flowers in front of the shed for some extra pizzazz.

8. Create a she shed/man cave

We’ve all heard of the man cave, and there’s no reason why you can’t have one in your shed. You can go for a micropub vibe with a wooden bar and high chairs or a sports station with a couple of large-mounted TVs and comfortable seating.

Alternatively, transform your dreary old shed into a stylish she shed with soft carpeting, a vintage sofa, art cushions, a coffee table and scented candles.

How do you decorate the outside of a she shed, I hear you ask?

Try installing decking upfront to further extend the space of your decorated garden sheds and allow room for a couple of brightly coloured chaise lounges. This way, you can work on your tan in style when the weather permits it.

9. Create a garden shed home office

Hybrid working is very much the new normal. So, you need to think carefully about your home office. And what better use of your neglected garden shed than turning it into one? This way, you’ll have a clear separation between your home and work settings.

Admittedly, this is a large-scale project, as you’ll need not only electricity and office furniture but also insulation and heating if it’s going to be viable in winter. That being said, the investment is well worth it, and you don’t have to worry about your study’s décor matching that of your house.

Make a contemporary garden shed your next home improvement project

You may not realise it yet, but your garden shed is a huge asset to your home. Nowadays, it’s not just a place for you to store tools and gardening equipment.

When it comes to garden shed decorations, let your imagination run wild:

From a simple paint job to a full-scale makeover into a she shed or enchanted shed, you have plenty of options when decorating and securing a shed.

And now it’s over to you – let us know which one of these inspirational garden shed ideas you’re going to give a try next.

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