Cupboard Doors

Cupboard doors and kitchen cupboard doors available from Door Superstore include open slatted louvre doors that have a fixed 5mm vent gap. Perfect for kitchen cupboards, storage cupboards throughout the home and boiler cupboards too, these naturally vent so air inside doesn’t stagnate. This range of cupboard doors is versatile and practical thanks to being offered in over 50 sizes in 28mm thickness. The applications are endless throughout a domestic residence with hinges available here. 

Solid laminated construction gives durability to these cupboard doors even despite being slammed accidentally by a breeze, or by a person! Unfinished pine doors give homeowners the creativity to finish the doors how they wish either themselves or by using a tradesperson, whilst white painted finished doors mean the doors are ready for install immediately. 

Cupboard door knobs

Cabinet knobs from Door Superstore feature a mixture of pewter, porcelain, chrome, pine and even cast antique iron materials just to name a few. The eclectic and varied mix of cabinet knobs available here allows a choice of style, theme, aesthetic and overall finish. From twisted pewter T-bar pull cabinet knobs to very simple white porcelain cabinet knobs, there’s a style here for every room, for every type of home and for every taste. 

Opt for new cupboard door knobs to update the style and look of a room instantly, and for minimal cost and effort too. It’s simple to upgrade and since most cupboard door knobs from Door Superstore come with the fittings and screws you need to install them, it really can be a 20-minute job! They can change the entire aesthetic of a room by switching from polished chrome door knobs for example, to brushed stainless steel for a more classic and traditional effect. 

Children’s bedrooms can benefit from soft, rubber and themed cupboard door knobs to protect them during play and just in day-to-day life. To update a child’s room there’s no need to buy new furniture as you can replace younger door knobs with more mature and stainless-steel cupboard knobs, for example. 


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