Sliding Door Track Kits

Sliding doors are a great way to save space and add a little individuality to your home and are becoming increasingly common. Sliding doors tend to run on tracks set above and or below the door, and here at Door Superstore we stock a range of sliding door track kits for your project. 

Which sliding door kit do I need?

We have a range of sliding door track kits depending on the door you are fitting. We have a selection of wardrobe sliding door gear if you’re looking to fit a sliding wardrobe door, which can help save space in bedrooms, preventing the need to have space for outward opening doors in front. Our wardrobe door track kits consist of nylon wheels on an aluminium track and can be used to fit multiple doors – the track is built in such a way that doors can bypass each other. Choose from a range of sizes, and if you’ve got heavy wardrobe doors there are also heavy-duty track kits.

We also stock sliding door track kits for cupboard doors, which again are great for space saving in your home. They also use nylon runners on aluminium tracks, which give a smooth movement whilst remaining sturdy. The track kits can be cut to size, so they are suitable for a range of cupboards and are designed with a shallower bottom track to allow removal for cleaning.

If you have a bi-folding door there are track kits for this too. Choose from a selection of sizes and shapes to suit your door, or if you’re looking for a track kit to convert your hinged door to a sliding door, or fit an internal sliding door, we stock “ball race” gear, which features steel ball bearings running along an aluminium track – a more classic variation from the nylon runners, but still allows a smooth movement of your sliding door.


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